Classes & Pricing

We offer private instruction on all the GYROTONIC® equipment and duets as well as group classes on the pulley towers.

Private lessons range from $70 – $90. Packages available.

Duets $90 – $100 depending on the teacher and package bought (state tax not included).

Pulley Tower classes are between $27 and $32 (includes tax) depending on the package.

Currently we do not accept credit cards. Cheques or cash only.

Clients must have previous GYROTONIC® experience to drop in to an ongoing class depending on the class level. Please email us at

For GYROTONIC® & Pilates class schedules click here.

Current classes as of May 2021

Pully Tower in studio Monday@11, Tuesday 10:30, Thursday 1:30

Gyrokinesis Online Friday @9

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